National wood "Grand Bois". With its welcoming zone and its open area called "So Bechefa". You have to follow Commanster ( via Neuville ) to get there. "So bechefa" is surrounded with woods which contain massive trees. You can find signposted footpaths from 2,5 to 5 km, and a 2,5 Km exercise run. On some trees, you can find indications. There are also pavilions with barbecues in the centre of the open area, which are made of wood and stones typicaly from this region. Visitors can visit this area all year, from daybreak till sunset.

Information: "Division de la nature et des forêts"; 080/28.22.80

Other sites to visit on foot :

- "la Fosse Roulette"

- rock of Hourt


- nature reserves ( visits only with guides "RNOB") information: Mr P. Collas 080/41.81.84



Valley of "l'Ourthe Orientale"

and Natural reserves RNOB (black stork).

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